Presentkort of Sweden offers a comprehensive gift card with focus on high quality products, fast delivery times and good customer service. We offer the widest range of markets in a variety of categories, which means that the recipient of the gift card finds a suitable product. In addition to high-quality products and friendly customer service, we work very much in social, economic and environmental aspects, where there are high demands on the entire supply chain and its surrounding processes.


Giftcards – a simple and yet very appreciated gift

To give a giftcard is a well appreciated gift mostly beacuse the reciver get’s to choose their own gift. We also carries a wide range of items that is suitable for all kinds of different personalities. Our exclusive giftcards are delivered in a nice envelope. They are also easy to pack along with something else. We also offer customised cards and websites.


Giftcard with the widest range. 

There is always at least 70 different gift options to choose from except on Imperial and extravagance where we have chosen to a smallare selection of gifts. We are keen to have a range to suit all kinds of different characters. Therefore we have products in several different areas to meet as many needs as possible. If you choose to give away our giftcards to customers and employees, we are confident that everyone will find a gift that they are really happy with.


You always get what you choose

When you order our giftcards you get a code on the card to log on to the website and choose your gift. The reason we have it so is that we do not want to risk that the recipient chooses a product that is then no longer in stock. This is such a big risk when you have a phyiscal card that you fill in selections on the card and mail in. Our entire website is linked to our business systems, so the website show only products that we can send out.


Giftcard with customized solutions

Do you want to deliver the cards to your offices around Sweden or other countries and save the shipping cost? Or would you like us to send out the giftcards to all your employees by e-mail? You may want to have a printed Christmas message on the card as well as the greeting on the home page when you log in? If you want to add any extra product in the range? Or maybe selecting only eigth products to choose from on the card? We have soloutions for almost everything! Contact us or your retailer and we will help you to meet your specific needs and find the best solution for you.



We always strive to build the webpage so that it is as easy as possible to navigate. It should be easy to orientate, order and follow up your order. - You can track orders on the website to see the status of the order - the majority of all products we add up the resolution to give as good representation of the product as possible. For us it is important that the feel of the product correspond to actual product delivered. - We send out automatic email as soon as an order comes in. Likewise sent out email and text-messages as soon as the goods are delivered from us.


Customer Service

Our customer service is working daily to as quickly as possible assist you. We strive to always deliver orders as quickly as possible. The average delivery time is 3-4 days. But there are some products that need longer time to be delivered. Therefore, we have set the delivery time to 1-3 weeks in order to not dissapoint anyone.


High quality items

We work with well-known brands that are experts in their product segments. The products you find available on the cards is of very high quality and thoroughly checked before being sent out to the recipient


CSR and Environment

We work extremely hard to control all the factories where we produce our products. Regarding all external brands, we require that they have to have a well-conceived CSR policy that covers both social responsibility and environmental work. Vinga of Sweden are members of BSCI is an organization that works towards the good conditions in the production plants. You can read more about Vinga of Sweden's environmental work here.